My iPad 2 – Jailbroken

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Today I decided to give the new jailbreak for the iPad 2 a go – just a short while ago in fact. It’s been a long time since I’ve had an iPad jailbroken, and of course the first time I’ve had the iPad 2 jailbroken.

I’m not sure how long I’ll stay with the jailbreak. I’m very keen on iOS 5 – and if there are issues that mean a choice between the OS upgrade and the jailbreak when it’s released, then I’ll almost certainly opt for iOS 5.

For now though my two main reasons for jailbreaking are:

— It’s just been too long and I’m keen to see that state of play with jailbreak for the iPad.

— I really like Ryan Petrich’s DisplayOut jailbreak app, that lets you mirror the iPad screen to a Mac. Mirroring can be done on a stock iPad to Apple TV (via a cable until iOS 5 comes out) but not to a Mac as far as I’m aware. I’m hoping to use it for some app demos soon.

Thus far, I’ve only got SBSettings (old faithful) and DisplayOut installed. So if you’ve got some good iPad 2 jailbreak app / tweak suggestions please share them in the comments.

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14 thoughts on “My iPad 2 – Jailbroken”

  1. Check out RetinaPad! It’s a really cool extension that let you run non-iPad apps at iPhone 4 resolution (rather than pixelated stuff from 3GS) – something Apple should have done from the beginning.

    1. I was JUST going to suggest that! It is incredible! My RetinaPadded HRBattle 3D looks better than the actual paid for iPad HD version! For some reason the devs decided to stretch the display on that one soneverything is elongated somewhat. The balls are oval!

      That’s all I’ve got on my iPad. The bigger dimensions and more items per folder and dock are fine for me. On my iPhone,mI have Scrolling Board for more icons in folders and a scrolling dock as well. Oh and MobileNotifier is on my iPhone too. Check that out. It’s like a preview of iOS 5’s notifications.

  2. This is my 4th iDevice, but first jailbroken device, partly cuz it was so easy on the ipad2. I use it 90% for work .. So all the above apps/tweaks are great. I also like:
    5 row keyboard, iconoclasm 5×5 icons, mult flow,& lockdown pro. All seem to work 100% no issues, so far.

  3. Anyone else having issues with their battery draining on the iPad 2 about 3x faster after jailbreaking it? I also have huge lag before I’m able to have the x appear to delete apps or right before being able dragging icons on my screen.

    Both the battery & speed were very good before jailbreaking it on my iPad 2. I’m use to having a jailbroken phone for about 3 years or more but never experienced these issues from jailbreaking before.

      1. I wonder why mine drains so fast now. I even re-jailbroke it just to see if it helped but it didn’t help at all.

        1. Hi,just jailbroke my ipad 2 4days ago & the battery drain has been major. Big concern to me too. If u find a way out,pls post.

  4. iFile (not to be confused with iFiles !) is practically the only reason for me to JB – it lets me copy any files type from sd/usb to any location on ipad …. do you hear me apple – enable that by default and no jb for me!

  5. Yes, I’ve been having the same battery drain issues. And it’s during standby mode. Overnight I lost 60+ percent and I made sure to kill all background apps before I went to bed. Now I lost another 7% on standby for the last hour.

  6. I’m having the same problem. It’s just eating battery %. Don’t know what the problem is. It was fine for a while and now in the past three weeks it been horrible!! Any suggestions?

  7. Deal all, I got the same problem with the battery drain. I fix it!!! Is the SBSettings that causes the issue. You need to open Cydia and remove it. In my case did not affected any of my applications. Remove SBSettings and will work fine!!.

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