My iPad’s Out of Jail Again

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Jailbreaking the iPad with

Yes folks, my willpower is as strong as a dandelion in a strong breeze.

I lasted a whole 18 days since restoring my iPad back to ‘stock’ – and decided to re-jailbreak it this morning.  I have an upcoming specific purpose for needing the DisplayRecorder app, which allows me to record the iPad’s display and share via video – and I also just got fed up fed up with waiting for the iOS 4 release for the iPad.  I was missing an ability to rapidly switch between apps – and the first two apps I’ve installed today to restore that ability are Backgrounder and Multifl0w.  Backgrounder lets you instantly toggle on and off backgrounding for individual apps, and Multifl0w provides an elegant and effective rapid app switching method.

I plan to stay jailbroken now at least until iOS 4 is released for the iPad – but then again … see the opening line of this post. Smile

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5 thoughts on “My iPad’s Out of Jail Again”

  1. I hear ya. The other thing that keeps me jail broken is the ability to increase the number of icons on the screen with iconoclasm. The iPad screen is too big to be limited to 20 icons!


  2. Thanks guys.

    Greg – I don't know about the more icons bit – I quite like the spacing as is.

    Danny – yes, it would be great to see a new iPhone 4 / iOS 4 jailbreak.

  3. iPad jailbroken first week. Only reason, Backgrounder and its accessories ;)

    iPhone 4 jailbroken while on a business trip 2 weeks ago. Only reason, Wifi hotspot app so my laptop could receive files, edit them, and resend.

    That's right, SBSettings really isn't a big deal to me ::gasp::

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