NCSettings – Very Nice Jailbreak Tweak for the iPad

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NCSettings Jailbreak app

A few people have recommended NCSettings to me, following my recent post about being impressed but also a bit bored with the latest jailbreak for iPad.

One of my favorite all-time jailbreak apps is SBSettings, which makes it far easier to toggle some key services (Bluetooth, 3G etc) off and on and improve battery life, during many years of iPhone and iPad jailbreaking.

Well, NCSettings offers similar capabilities in a much more elegant way – as it places itself in Notification Center. Here’s its elevator pitch in the Cydia store:

NCSettings is a sleek Notification Center toggle widget, designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. It allows quick access to the most frequently used settings.

I just installed it this morning and I’m already a big fan.

Once you’ve installed NCSettings, all you need to do is enable it in Settings > Notifications. It will be listed in the ‘Not In Notification Center’ section and you just need to select it and tap On to make it active.

Then the next time you pull down Notification Center you’ll see NCsettings’ slim bar below all your standard notifications. On this bar you can single tap to toggle on or off WiFi, 3G or 4G cellular data, Bluetooth, Location Services, orientation lock, mute sound, auto-lock, private browsing, personal hotspot, auto-correction, multitasking gestures, and more.

NCSettings Controls

You can also adjust volume and brightness with the standard slider controls. Basically, this one slick little bar offers you simple, fast access to numerous settings that normally require quite a few more taps to get to.  That simplicity and efficiency that the developers aimed for has been very nicely achieved, and this is a very useful tweak to have installed.

You can find NCSettings in the Cydia app store – and it’s free.

Thanks to Frederic Naves and others who recommended this one to me.

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  1. I installed the above but when you enable or disable Wifi using NCSetting, spingboard crashes and my iPad mini restarts in SafeMode

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