New Jailbreak for iPad, iPhones Should be Coming Soon

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Some very good news on the jailbreak front this week.  A hacker called @pod2g has apparently discovered a new exploit that should allow new jailbreaks to be developed.  As you can see in Dev Team member Musclenerd’s tweet shown above, the exploit is said to work with at least the iPhone 4, the iPad, and the brand new iPod Touch 4G.

Even better news for those who like to jailbreak their iOS devices, this new exploit is said to be a hardware-based one – so not something that is patchable via a software update from Apple.

I’m very keen to jailbreak my new iPad 3G, so I’ll definitely be keeping a lookout for news of a new jailbreak that can be used on iOS 3.2.2 for the iPad.

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2 thoughts on “New Jailbreak for iPad, iPhones Should be Coming Soon”

    1. No it doesn't. For now, all it means is that the exploit that has been found is not patchable via software update. I'v heard nothing said thus far that indicates that only tethered jailbreaks can be developed out of this exploit.

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