ProSwitcher App Switching App Now Works on the iPad

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ProSwitcher for iPad

ProSwitcher – my long-time favorite rapid app switching app for jailbroken iPhones – is now available as an early alpha version for the iPad.   This is the app switcher that works much like the Palm Pre’s system for moving between running apps quickly. 

Just to be clear, ProSwitcher only works on a jailbroken iPad (see HERE for a little help on that if you’re interested) and also requires the Backgrounder app (which enables and disbales the ability to run in the background for individual apps) in order to work.

ProSwitcher on iPad

I’ve been looking forward to ProSwitcher’s debut on the iPad for some time now, and was delighted to discover this morning that’s it’s available.  It has only been installed on my iPad for a short time today, but so far it is working as smoothly and well as it always has on my iPhones – an old friend now doing good work on my iPad.

If you want to try out this alpha version of ProSwitcher for iPad here are some things to note:

— It is an alpha version.  That’s earlier than beta – and it is a time where bugs and glitches with the app are to be expected and where users can help out the developers a great deal by reporting any bugs they encounter, with as much detail about them as possible.  I’m a big fan of ProSwitcher’s developers and am more than happy to take part at this stage.

— You’ll need to add a new source to the Cydia jailbreak app store in order to see and install the app.  To add the required source in Cydia follow these steps:

Open the Cydia app and tap on the button for the “Manage’ section on the bottom nav bar

On the Manage page tap on the ‘Sources’ bar at the top left of the page.

On the Sources page, tap the Edit button at the top right of the screen

Then tap the Add button at the top left.

In the dialog box that appears prompting for the source URL, enter the following:

If you get a chance to give ProSwitcher a go, let us know your thoughts on it in the comments.

I haven’t been on top of my Cydia game over recent days, so thanks to the guys over at iPad in Canada for the heads-up on this one.

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10 thoughts on “ProSwitcher App Switching App Now Works on the iPad”

  1. I've done all of that, including adding the new source, but I can't find ProSwitcher. Where did you find it?

  2. I've been holding out on jailbreaking my iPad, but with the iOS4 rumored to drop in November, I might as well bite the bullet.

    1. Yeah, November does seem forever away right about now. I have never felt very keen about jailbreaking the iPad, even leading up to doing it – but rapid app switching is the big hook for me for doing so.

    1. I actually find Circuitous pretty ugly to look at, but I do like that it lets you have quick access to some favorites as well as background-running apps. Would like to see that added to ProSwitcher.

  3. Took me a bit to find it. I don't see any bugs…works quite well. Does take a little getting used to. Being able to keep Safari open is a big enough deal for me.

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