Spirit Jailbreak for iPad Coming Soon, Possibly Tomorrow

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A new jailbreak for the iPad (as well as the iPhone) called Spirit is said to be coming very soon, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

There is confusion as to just how soon it will be released.  I’ve seen at least one report that it’s coming tomorrow (Friday 4/30), but a couple of the folks working on it seem to have different views on whether it will be ready for Friday.  One of the developers of it – @comex on Twitter – answered ‘Friday’ when asked by a user when it would be released.  Another of the devs – chpwn – has labeled that ‘very optimistic’ in an IRC chat with the folks at iHackintosh.

In any case, this jailbreak for iPad looks to be out very soon, and will be the first iPad jailbreak.

For those who have never heard of or done a ‘jailbreak’, this term refers to a process (normally run via a small application or similar methods) that opens up much greater levels of access to the file system of the iPhone operating system (run by both iPhones and iPads). This greater access is primarily used to make use of alternative app stores that provide apps not approved for the App Store – including some very good ones that have often paved the way for new features in the ‘stock’ (non-jailbroken) environment.

I’m still undecided about whether I’ll jailbreak my iPad.  I’ve jailbroken all of my iPhones, but I am very fond of my iPad just as it is right now – so I may try to resist the urge to jailbreak for now.

If and when I do decide to jailbreak, I will likely stick to jailbreaks provided by Geohot or the Dev Team, at least until I hear more user feedback on how this new Spirit one goes.

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3 thoughts on “Spirit Jailbreak for iPad Coming Soon, Possibly Tomorrow”

  1. Resist!!! I decided not to jailbreak the iPad. I'm going to try and wait for the OS 4 release. The only thing I really miss is multitasking and the iPad screams for it… The Fall is so far way :(

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