iPad Wi-Fi Sync App on Sale – $4.99, 50% Off

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Wi-Fi Sync for iPad

Wi-Fi Sync – the superb (jaibreak) app that provides the ability to sync your iPad (or iPhone) wirelessly with iTunes – is now on sale at a 50% off price of $4.99.  The sale is from now until June 11.

I had been looking forward to wireless sync for the iPhone ever since it launched and Wi-Fi sync is a god-send app for me on both the iPhone and the iPad.  No more need to get a sync cable out when I just want to get a few newly purchased songs loaded onto my iDevices.

It’s a great app – if the larger price had you holding off on it, now is a very good time to give it a go.  You’ll find it in Cydia now.

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6 thoughts on “iPad Wi-Fi Sync App on Sale – $4.99, 50% Off”

    1. Have you tried it? I have – on both iPhone and iPad – and it is plenty fast enough. For quick incremental syncs it is very fast – and I've even once done a full transfer of 10GB of music plus the rest to iPhone and it handled it well enough.

  1. I'm all over this now. I was originally turned off by both the price and the implied threat the dev made against people's iTunes libraries for using the app unlicensed. The latter wouldn't have affected me, but the concept just seemed way over the line.

    Thanks for the heads up Patrick.

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