2 New TV Ads for the iPad mini: Books and Photos

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iPad mini Books TV ad

Apple has released a couple of new TV ads for the iPad mini – titled ‘Books’ and ‘Photos’.

The two new ads carry on theme of the first iPad mini TV ad, ‘Piano’ – showing a full-size iPad screen alongside the mini while they both run the same app. The Piano ad showcased Garageband and these two highlight the iBooks and iPhoto apps on the iPad mini.

I think this another good iPad campaign, with the focus staying nicely on apps and the cool things you can do with them on the iPad, big or small. I also especially like the old-school song selection for the Photos ad.

I couldn’t embed the videos here, but you can check them out at Apple’s iPad mini TV ads page.

What do you all think of these 2 new ones and the iPad mini ad series so far?

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2 thoughts on “2 New TV Ads for the iPad mini: Books and Photos”

  1. You seem to be all about the iPad mini these days. I have an iPad2 and have always ebjoyed reading about them. So, will there be no more articles about the “old” iPad’s?

    1. Hi Gene. I know I’ve been a bit heavy on iPad mini posting lately, but the answer is No. You’ll still see plenty of app reviews and content that is relevant for iPads in general, not just the mini at all.

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