Do Not Want: Gold iPad mini

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Gold iPad mini 2

Now that we’ve entered what is expected to be ‘New iPad Month’ (some of you may know it as October) of course the iPad rumors are flying round at a great pace.

iPad 5 rumors, iPad mini 2 rumors. iPad 5 being more like the iPad mini. iPad mini 2 getting a retina display. All good stuff for those of us who can’t wait to see the next generations of the iPad and iPad mini.

Then there’s this one, reported recently by MacRumors – a gold iPad mini 2. Their report shows alleged ‘”leaked” photos of a new iPad mini with a Touch ID style sensor on the front and a gold back shell.

Touch ID sounds fine to me, but a gold shell is a big No Thanks. I love the slate style of the current iPad mini’s back. If a color has to be borrowed from this year’s new iPhone’s Space Gray sounds fine too. I’m just not a fan of gold at all on mobile devices.

Oh well, these photos may well be fake of course, and as long as Apple provides a choice of colors I can opt for my slate or gray preference.

What do you all think? Do you fancy a gold iPad?

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3 thoughts on “Do Not Want: Gold iPad mini”

  1. I actually disagree! IF this picture turns out to be the real deal, I find the “gold” color quite nice. Although I consider it to be more of a very warm, muted grey. Or a pale, pale gold if you must. I find it pleasant and inviting to look at. But if you own every piece of Apple gadgets invented, it probably will stand out a bit compared to your screen, keyboard and so on.

  2. I bought the gold iPhone 5S and love it. It would be great to have an gold iPad Mini. It’s a “girl” thing.

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