Do You Need a Mini Smart Cover for the iPad Mini?

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It looks like 9to5Mac may have some inside information on Apple Smart Covers or cases for the (expected) iPad Mini. They’ve seen some part numbers that they think are smart covers for either the new smaller iPad or possibly for new standard-size iPads updated with Apple’s new Lightning connector.

When I first saw their post my initial reaction was along the lines of ‘Hey, I want a Mini Smart Cover’ – but after a couple minutes I thought perhaps not. I love using the Apple Smart Cover on my iPad 3, as it’s lightweight, offers the slick automatic sleep/wake feature, and provides protection for the lovely retina screen.

But the general consensus at the moment is that the iPad Mini will not have a retina screen, so I’m thinking I would be happy to put a screen protector on it (which I don’t on the new iPad 3). And since the iPad Mini should be an even more portable device than the current iPad, one that’s almost pocketable, I’d rather not add much of any bulk to it.

Oh well, the iPad Mini still doesn’t officially exist for another 24 hours or thereabouts, and it’s not expected to be released for a further 10 days – so I’ve got a bit of time to contemplate my terribly first-world problem of whether or not to get a smart cover with my smaller iPad. :)

How about you all? If Apple does offer smart covers for the smaller iPad will you be getting one?

Image Source: Martin Hajek

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