iFixit’s iPad mini Teardown Already Started

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Those clever folks at iFixit, providers of the web’s best DIY repair guides for gadgets and devices, have already got their hands on an iPad mini and started on their teardown of it.

So far there are no big surprises in what iFixit is finding – but some of the interesting things they’ve confirmed include:

— The iPad mini does have two speakers for stereo sound – though the two are placed very close to each other.

— The unit they’ve got hold of has an LCD made by Samsung, though Apple has been said to be spreading out their display orders to several manufacturers, so other units may have displays made by other companies.

— The battery is notably small:

Whatever the capacity, it’s decidedly mini when compared to the massive 43 Whr battery in the iPad 3. Even the venerable iPad 2 sports a 25 Whr package, 50% more than the iPad Mini.

—  The chip is the A5 that Apple told us it would have.

I have not seen a number for the amount of RAM in the iPad mini yet – that’s the one detail I’d still really like to see.

The teardown is still in progress and you can check it our at iFiixit’s page for it right now.

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