iPad mini Front & Center in Apple’s Holiday Gift Guide

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iPad mini Apple gift guide

The iPad mini is featured in Apple’s holiday gift guide and promo materials. The promotional onslaught for the holiday season has already started and of course Apple have got their promo machine running in top gear.

They’re sending out emails full of suggestions for the best Apple device gifts to get this year and they’ve got a Holiday Gift Guide section at their online store. The guide has sections for Mac, iPhone, and iPod gifts – as well as iPad gifts. And the featured item amongst all of it is the new iPad mini. As you can see in the screencap above, it’s touted as ‘The year’s biggest gift. Only smaller.’

Though there are no discounts offered on any of the items in Apple’s gift guide, they are offering free shipping on all of them.

I wonder how many kids and grown-ups have got the iPad mini right at the top of their wish list. It hasn’t made it on to my daughter’s wish list yet, though I think that may be more to do with the fact she knows she can mess around with mine. One of her top items right now is a Nintendo 3DS.

Are any of you planning to gift an iPad mini this holiday season?

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