iPad mini LTE Models Shipping Thanksgiving Week?

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When the iPad mini launched last week, only the WiFi models were available – not the WiFi + Cellular models. Apple originally said the WiFi + Cellular models (or LTE models for short here) would ship around the middle of November. Today, there are numerous reports around the web (like this one)  of users seeing shipping dates for their WiFi + Cellular models during the week of November 19 – with dates around November 21 and 22.

There are also reports that AT&T will begin selling the LTE models at their retail stores next Friday, November 16.

I’ve tried asking  both a local Apple store and the online Apple store if they have a definite date for when the iPad min WiFi + Cellular models will be in stores and they don’t know as yet. The closest I got was that they’re ‘expected’ to ship in two weeks, which is November 23.

I’m definitely going to swap to an LTE model. I need to return my current model by around the 15th.  I am hoping that the iPad mini LTE models will be in stores Thanksgiving week, so the gap between returning the one model and getting the other is not too long.

Have any of you got shipping status updates on an order for an LTE model?

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3 thoughts on “iPad mini LTE Models Shipping Thanksgiving Week?”

  1. Yesterday I got an email from the online Apple store which said:

    “Good news – we plan to ship your iPad in the next five business days. We’ll email you with a tracking number and carrier information once your iPad is on the way.
    Additionally, you can now view your delivery date and order details by visiting apple.com/orderstatus.
    The Apple Store”

    Checking the order online shows a delivery date via expedited shipping of Nov 20th. That is assuming Apple waits until 5 business days have passed to ship. I assume “within 5 business days” means they could ship earlier if they so desired.

  2. I’ve got a delivery date of 11/21 by standard shipping. Like everyone else waiting, I’m hoping they don’t wait the full 5 business days before shipping. grin

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