iPad Mini Lust – Latest Renderings Look Good

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iPad Mini Rendering

Want to see what the rumored iPad Mini is probably going to look like? Well you’re in luck – as a number of viable looking mockups and renderings have come out over the last week or so.

The one shown above is courtesy of 9to5Mac and they say it ties in nicely with the growing consensus on the iPad Mini’s specs and the latest parts leaks for the widely expected smaller iPad.

MacRumors has also released a very detailed set of 3D renderings of the iPad Mini and even a companion video for them – though they also point out that since they worked up these renderings a few likely specs details have emerged which are different to some of the assumptions made in these renderings.

Here’s my favorite line in the MacRumors piece:

As has been previously noted, the 7.85-inch iPad offers 66% of the surface area of the current 9.7-inch iPad and almost 40% more surface area than competing 7-inch tablets.

That’s huge if it all turns out to be accurate. Those are the sort of numbers that should make all the difference in the world in terms of how good the apps and experience are on the iPad Mini. An iPad that’s significantly thinner and lighter while still offering 2/3 of the surface area – damn that sounds good.

Of course all of this is just conjecture at the moment, as Apple has announced nothing and is isn’t even expected to until next month – but it seems like with each passing year the Apple rumor mill gets more and more effective at outing a healthy percentage of the big details on hot new Apple devices. I’m definitely hoping that proves to be true with the iPad Mini.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these latest iPad Mini renderings. Are you lusting after the iPad Mini yet?

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6 thoughts on “iPad Mini Lust – Latest Renderings Look Good”

  1. Is there any rumors about the possible price of this mini iPad? It’s sound like an excellent option when buying a tablet, dependent on what your need are.

  2. I love the sleek look for the renderings of the iPad mini. I am wondering though about the size of the bezel on the sides. On the iPad, the bezel is about the width of my thumb. I usually hold the iPad with my thumb on the bezel and the rest of my hand on the rear of it. On my iPhone, I usually hold it with my thumb on the bottom bezel and the rest of my hand on the rear. I’m not sure exactly how I would grip an iPad mini with it having a smaller side bezel than an iPad, but being much taller than an iPhone . I will be anxious to hold it and see how it feels.

    I am very interested to see where pricing falls out. My wife was talking about getting a leapfrog for our son once he is just a little older. I was telling her about the iPad mini, and if we can find an appropriately rugged case for it, that it might be a better investment. The leapfrog is less expensive up front, but the games seem to run around $25 a piece. Of course with the iPad, many apps are free or less than $5 and able to be shared with other iOS devices.

    1. Yeah I think a lot of people are wondering about that slim looking bezel. Hopefully Apple has managed some clever answers on this if these renders prove accurate.

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