iPad mini: Mini Is the Amount of Attention It Got from Apple

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There was some exciting news for iPad fans at Apple’s special event two days ago. The iPad Air 2 offers Touch ID, a brand new and significantly faster processor chip designed specifically for it, and is the thinnest and lightest iPad ever.

On the no-so-exciting news front, there’s the new iPad mini 3. It got Touch ID, and not too much else that’s notable. It didn’t even get a bump up to Apple’s A8 chip that’s used in this year’s iPhones, nevermind the new A8X chip used in the iPad Air 2.

It’s not just in terms of specs that the iPad mini was left behind. It was treated a little like an ugly step-child during the event. It barely rated a couple of quick mentions. I watched the event live and made around 30 lines of notes during the 10-15 minutes of the presentation devoted to the iPad Air 2. By contrast, the iPad mini 3 was covered in around one minute and I made a one-line note. It got one slide devoted to it in the presentation.

Even in Tim Cook’s final sum-up at the end of the event, only the iPad Air 2 got a mention, while there was none for the new mini.

I’m a little sad to see this lack of love for the iPad mini – as it’s my preferred iPad (and tablet) form factor. Google has gone in the same direction, and even more so, this year – releasing a new 9 inch Nexus tablet while no longer even offering the Nexus 7 in their Play Store.

I will certainly be holding to my iPad mini 2 (or Retina iPad mini) and my Nexus 7 for as long as they are capable and performing well.

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