Lovely iPad Mini Rumor of the Day: Launch Event Tomorrow Will Highlight Education

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OK, I’m sure many of you will be glad to see the back of iPad Mini rumors and posts about them here once Apple tells us all about the new smaller iPad tomorrow. But here’s just one more iPad Mini related rumor that I really like the sound of: 9to5Mac and many others are predicting that along with the unveiling of the iPad Mini tomorrow, there will be a strong focus on education.

We’ve written often here about the increasing and impressive impact the iPad is having in the education arena – from kindergartens right up to the most prestigious of universities. My colleague Alicia wrote about it eloquently after Apple’s special education event at the beginning of this year, I’ve covered many notable school rollouts or results of pilot programs in schools, and I mentioned it again in my recent post on why the iPad Mini is exciting.

So I’m delighted to see today’s rumors that Apple execs will highlight the iPad’s ‘educational capabilities’ at the iPad Mini launch event tomorrow, and the recent leaks showing a major update for the iBooks app, to Version 3.0.

A smaller even more portable, lower-iPad should make an iPad per student much more of an attainable goal for many schools and school districts – and I’d happily bet that the iPad Mini will take the iPad from big in education to more like huge in education. I believe it’s a fantastic learning tool and I’m excited to see what Apple have to say about the iPad and education tomorrow.

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