My Second New iPad mini in 24 Hours

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As of about an hour and a half ago I’ve got a second new iPad mini – less than 24 hours after my original purchase. No, I didn’t feel a sudden need to double my iPad mini count – I just did an exchange because I discovered last night that I had a faulty unit.

The iPad mini I bought yesterday had spontaneously powered itself off several times, and was showing numerous kernel panics and crc errors in its diagnostics log. So this morning I called the local Apple store where I bought it, confirmed they still had 32GB black models like mine available, did a quick iCloud backup of the iPad mini so I wouldn’t have to set it up from scratch again, and arrived at the Apple store just 5 minutes after opening to do the exchange.

I explained the issue to an Apple staff member, showed him the diagnostics logs, and the exchange was done quickly. I also bought one of Apple’s new 12W chargers while I was there – hopefully that will lead to faster charging for both my iPad mini and iPad 3.

A couple of points of interest from my Apple store visit:

— They were sold out of iPad mini 16GB models. So either their initial supply was very small or interest picked up a lot after my early morning mini line experience.

— I had not wiped my data from the iPad mini prior to my visit because I wanted to be able to show the diagnostics logs. Once it was agreed the return would be accepted and the exchange would be made, the Apple staffer was going to just box up the old iPad mini and take it away. I stopped him and asked whether he was going to be sure to erase my data. He said yes they definitely would, but I said I preferred to see that done in front of me, and he let me kick off an erase.

This is the first iPad I’ve ever had to return. I don’t read anything into that, it’s always possible for a unit here and there to slip through quality testing. Unless I start seeing lots of reports of similar issues, I’ll just take it that I got one bad unit and nothing more.

Oh, and I have to mention that once again iCloud backup and restore is just a huge pleasure to use. I opened up the new iPad mini in the Apple store, got it on their WiFi network, and kicked off a restore from my iCloud backup from earlier this morning. Once the restore started I walked out of the store and out of WiFi range. The restore happily resumed as soon as I joined my home WiFi network and put back all my apps and settings nicely within around 15 minutes. Not too shabby for 85 apps and their data that had already been installed on the mini.

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11 thoughts on “My Second New iPad mini in 24 Hours”

  1. Here’s what you can read in to the lack of 16GB iPads. That wasn’t a problem at just your location. Most I contacted had 32 and 64 GB (black) very few if any white models left and none had 16GB white or black.

  2. I’m not less than 64GB any more. I use my device for more than games and just note taking. Shooting 5 minutes of HD video is space eating. Editing it is even more of a hassle. I am constantly deleting programs I hardly use. I might delete all of the health (eating and working out) apps. My art and video apps are more important to me. I have not even beaten Infinity Blade, but deleted it as I hardly played it.

    Shadowgun kept crashing, love it, but I’ll come back to it. I notice also Sonic 1 and Altered Beast keep closing as soon as they hit the start screen.

    As for the iPad Mini, I’ll pass for now. Something my sister might like. Not sure though.

    1. I’m not using less than 64GB either. I’ve got an iPad 3 with 64GB, plus now the iPad mini with 32GB. I just made some choices on which apps are essential for me on the smaller tablet. I want to swap to the WiFi + Cellular model when it comes out anyway, at that point I’ll weigh up whether to stick with 32GB or move up to 64 – but will very likely stay at 32 on the mini.

    2. My friends thought I was going to jump on the iPad Mini as they think I buy some gadgets as toys. True my Handspring Visor Deluxe (2000) was purchased as a toy, but within three days use of it, it immediately turned into a tool for hoarding information, websites, dates, contacts, you name it.

      PalmDesktop is FAR superior and cleaner than MS Outlook. And it is FAR quicker too. I found it more efficient and people thought I was some mastermind of knowledge as I’d just have random data in contacts. Migrating that data to the Treo 300 and the final stop being the Treo 600, I love my phone.

      The iPad was not my dream device as I looked hard at the Xoom. They took too long to released the Xoom, I’m glad as thent he iPad2 was announced.

      I miss my iPad2 why? I charged FAR faster than my iPad3. But then my iPad 3rd Gen has 5MP Camera and Siri and Dictation. The 5MP Camera is the only plus really as what I use my iPad 3 for can still be completed on an iPad2.

      Also, since the iPad Mini would not assist me in my designing, I have no reason to purchase.

      But for others, I can see it being a great gift. FaceTime and iMessage would by my reasons to push at a cheaper price, albeit smaller device.

  3. We have had to exchange two iPads in the past: one on account of a sound issue, the other due to network connectivity failure. Apple’s support/no-argument exchange process kept disappointment to a minimum and customer satisfaction maximized. Apple’s products aren’t always perfect but superior customer support makes a critical difference. Oh, and our Apple store staffer wiped our devices in our presence, without prompting, and after asking if we’d recently backed the up!

    1. Agree. Apple’s customer service and support in their retail stores is generally excellent. Glad to hear your store had more of a best practice approach to security.

  4. Ok, now you have me worried about getting a bad unit. “sigh” Yes, I’m waiting for my 64 gig black, cellular, IPad mini to ship. But that worry is tempered by my first Ever trip to an Apple store. Apple finally opened one here in my home town recently. I went to the store to get the Zooka speaker for my IPad, ended up buying 2 ! After the kind of service I got I firmly believe I would have no problems with a return there.

    1. Hey oso – I don’t think it’s a big concern on the bad units side of things. That can happen with any device or product really – there are going to be a few that have an issue that get past quality checks. My new one is just fine and great to use.

      Hope yours works great for you too.

  5. I exchanged my mini today. I was starting to get some yellow discoloration in the screen. Nothing bad. My wife didn’t even notice it. But it was bugging the crap out of me. If I used it for a wile I wouldn’t notice. But if I was using my laptop and then went from my laptop to my ipad then all I saw was yellow. The guy at the apple store didn’t really see what I was seeing. But he did notice the colors were lighter on one part of the screen compared to another. So he exchanged it based on that. The screen on my replacement seems brighter and sharper then my first one. So I’m happy with that. :)

  6. I just bought a brand new iPad mini. One day old. This is my very first time charging it. I started charging it at 17%. It has been 4 hours and is only at 80%. Is this normal? Please help!

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