New iPad Mini Renders: Lovely & Lustworthy

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iPad Mini Rendering

Oh boy. Want another reason to be excited about the iPad Mini, the heavily rumored and much anticipated smaller tablet from Apple? Just take a look at the stunning renders done by Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek, like the one shown above.

And Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo reckons that by now we may as well consider these renders to be sneal previews:

After the iPhone 5 leak mega-saga—at this point you can call these renders sneak previews—the black anodized aluminum iPad mini seems like a done deal.

Which is why Gizmodo reader Martin Hajek—who made those awesome iPhone 5 renders that looked just like the real thing—has rendered these images.

Here’s another of the render images – this time the black iPad Mini:

iPad MIni Black

While I feel a little sad that these days a lot of the suspense is taken out of Apple announcements due to all the parts leaks and spot-on mockups and renders, I also can’t help but feel excited about how good these look.

C’mon Apple – lets see a date for the unveiling of these little beauties.

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  1. After an underwhelming iPhone 5, the next exciting Apple product will be a clone of a Samsung tablet? First time in a long time that Cupertino has played the competitor response game. Life after Steve proving a testing time

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