Possible Price Points for the iPad Mini Line

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With Apple’s announcement of the iPad Mini expected next Tuesday, and the release anticipated to be on November 2, it’s about time to start thinking about possible price points for the new smaller iPad. My plan of course is to be amongst the first in line for the iPad Mini on launch day, so I’ve been following all the reports and speculation about the range of models and predicted price points for them.

Here are a couple things that have stood out and framed my expectations for now:

John Gruber’s typically sharp analysis and case for why the new smaller iPad could cost less than the latest iPod Touch ($299). I also hope Gruber is right in his thinking that iPad Air is a better and more likely name for the new device – I think that’s a much better name too.

— Horace Dediu’s post on iOS portfolio price distribution at his Asymco site, which provides the chart shown at the top of this post and postulates like so in regards to iPad Mini options:

The idea is that there will be 24 variants which have three dimensions:

  • 2 colors
  • 4 capacities
  • 3 radio chipsets

The starting point would be $250 for an 8 Gb WiFi only model and increases of $100 for each doubling of capacity and $130 for the addition of cellular chipsets.

I’m hoping Dediu’s hypothesis and chart may be spot-on or certainly not too far off the announced price levels for iPad Mini models – and I’m already finding it handy to try to figure out how much money I want to have available for the model I want. I know I’ll want a minimum of 16GB storage and cellular capability if it’s offered – so that puts my entry-level option at $480. If I looked at a 32GB with cellular capability I’d be at $580. Or $680 for a 64GB with cellular capability if that’s offered as the top of the line.

I know for sure that I’ll want a WiFi plus cellular model if they’re offered, and I’ll be thinking a lot about how many apps I would want / need on the smaller iPad.

For those of you who are interested in buying an iPad Mini, how does the possible pricing chart look to you? What model would you be looking at?

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5 thoughts on “Possible Price Points for the iPad Mini Line”

  1. Hey, if I get one, it’ll be for my 7 year old. The 8Gb Wi-Fi only model will be more than sufficent for her. :)

  2. I would be in for an 8gb wifi at $250 for my toddler (assuming I can get a good protective case).

    He loves playing games on my iPad.

  3. Could be tempted if that’s the price structure.
    Shocking graphic by the way, who hit the Text Align “Scatter at random” button?

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