This iPad mini Has a New Home

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iPad mini and box

As I mentioned earlier, the line for the iPad mini this morning at my local Apple store in Austin was very short. There were around 15 people by the time the Apple store opened at 8AM.

That may not be a great omen for Apple and the initial demand for the iPad mini, but it was just fine with me. I had my new 32GB black model fired up to ensure it connected OK to a WiFi network, grabbed a smart cover for it and a Lightning to 30-pin adapter, and was out the door at 8:05. I was back home by about 8:20. For me, that makes getting up in the middle of the night and standing round for several hours worthwhile – and a balmy 60 degree night was helpful too.

I’ve spent most of my time this morning getting a number of my favorite and most used apps installed on the iPad mini, as I had to set it up fresh – since there’s no way my roughly 30GB of apps will fit onto it.

I’ll post some first impressions on the iPad mini over the weekend.

For any of you who have been out getting the iPad mini or iPad 4 this morning, I hope your experience was as smooth and fast as mine.

Patrick Jordan

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8 thoughts on “This iPad mini Has a New Home”

  1. Enjoyed meeting you in line this morning, Patrick. My 4th gen. iPad is as awesome and beautiful as I had thought it would be. Getting it set up was easy and quick. The first app I added was 1Password for iPad and synced it from our home network. I installed most of my favorite apps organizing them into customized folders. As you know this was my first Apple Line, and it certainly was smaller than I had anticipated, but the experience of walking into the store to the cheering and clapping of the Apple employees is one I truly enjoyed. Apple sure knows how to do it right! I was really tempted by the iPad Mini’s on display even thinking to buy one in addition to my new iPad, but I decided to hold off For now. My husband said he saw long Apple lines on the news this morning, so maybe Barton Creek was an anomaly. Look forward to following your blog.

  2. Hi Donna – It was a pleasure talking to you this morning. That’s the best thing about waiting round for these Apple devices – meeting lots of cool people in line. Glad to hear your iPad 4 is living up to your expectations, and I can definitely understand the temptation of the iPad mini.

    I can tell you that my very early first impression of it can be summed up in two words: wonderfully light.

  3. I did not have a difficult time, I pre-ordered. I took the day off from work and waited for it to be delivered.

  4. I had no interest in the Mini, as I bought the iPad 3 in March. Also the iPad 4 doesn’t bother me either. But I did go into Best Buy today around 10:45 to try to see if I could get a case for my iPod Touch 5, and to my dismay, there’s still nothing available. And I’ve had mine for almost a month now. But I digress. I had to pick up an iPad 4 for my mom to give to my dad for Christmas as she has no sight and needed someone to pick it up for her. I was completely surprised to find one person at the counter paying for his Mini ( or actually 2 Mini’s ) then I was next, and there was no one behind me. I tried to get the iPad 4, 32 gig, black, but they didn’t have black. So I got white. I mean, they go in a case eventually anyway so the colour doesn’t really matter. At least not to me. But the overall experience was great. I was in and out in under 5 minutes ( including the amount of time spent looking for a case for my Touch ).

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