What Does a 10 Year Old Do with an iPad mini? Read, Read, Read

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I handed down my still-very-new iPad mini 32GB to my 10 year old daughter, Zoe, a little over a week ago – when I switched up to a 64GB model.

My original plan was to sell my 32GB iPad mini, which is in mint condition, to help cover the cost of the bigger model. Then I thought about how much use Zoe could get out of it, about the outstanding school year she has had as a 4th grader. About how she has been using an original iPad for years now and has become a real power user – and it didn’t take long to change my plan and give her the 32GB iPad mini.

I thought Zoe would get tons more good use from the iPad when she changed to the iPad mini, and that has absolutely proved to be the case. It’s great to see how much she is using it. Even greater: seeing that by far and away her biggest use of it is for reading. She is devouring 1,000 and 1,500 page books in iBooks. The Kane Chronicles series is a particular favorite right now. When I walk past the living room and she’s stretched out comfortably on the couch, she’s reading in iBooks. She now takes the iPad mini to school in her backpack several days a week and is allowed to use it for reading only when her class has their reading periods.

Of course she has some favorite games on the iPad mini too – Temple Run Oz, Minecraft, Real Racing 3 for example. She also loves the Spotify app, and somehow tolerates sharing Dad’s account. But it’s reading that takes up the bulk of her time on the iPad and my wife and I are delighted to see that. Zoe has always been a lover of books and a big reader. Now the iPad mini is helping her to feed that habit.

The iPad has been a very useful educational tool for Zoe for years. Now that she has her own iPad mini I believe that it will just become an ever more powerful resource for her.

What do your kids use their iPads for?

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5 thoughts on “What Does a 10 Year Old Do with an iPad mini? Read, Read, Read”

  1. My son is the same age. We have almost all his learning materials on his iPAD. The biggest use is math practice, followed by game and reading. But most of the games he plays are educational, like Stack the States, Presidents vs. aliens.

    1. My daughter likes quite a few educational games too, and it’s great that there’s very good range of these around.

      We like Stack the States too, and Geography Drive USA in that same sort of area.

  2. My daughter is 12 and she loves to read. I’m not a much of a reader, i don’t read the much as i would like, but i tried to fix that problem with my daugther, and now she reads a lot, she is truly book eater and since she have had her own computer since she was 4, to her, technology is very familiar and very natural, today she uses my wife’s iPad 3 but since she excel at school i promise to give her an iPad Mini a the end of this grade. As I’ve always said, parents are the worst hindrances to the progress of the children. No child is too young for the technology.

    1. That’s a great attitude you have and it sounds like your daughter is benefiting hugely from it. That’s a great end of grade gift too, bet she’ll love it.

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