Why the iPad Mini Is Exciting

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iPad Mini and Event Invite

Image Source: Martin Hajek

A couple days ago we learned that Apple’s special event with their expected unveiling of the iPad Mini (or whatever name is given to the new smaller iPad) is set for next Tuesday, October 23. After months of rumors and leaks we should get an official announcement of the iPad Mini in just a few days.

So this seems as good a time as any to talk about why the iPad Mini is exciting. Here are some of the reasons I’m excited about it:

A 7-8 Inch Tablet Is An Attractive Option: One of my favorite tech writers, Kevin C. Tofel, has been singing the praises of smaller tablets for a long while now, and it seems his writing even helped convince Apple’s management team to reconsider this form factor. The popularity of devices like the Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7 is further evidence that this size of tablet has some market traction. Having used a Kindle Fire and the new Kindle Fire HD, I am hoping that the rumors of the iPad Mini being much closer to 8 inches (7.85 is the consensus) prove true. Firstly because my understanding is that this will allow iPad apps to run at 1024X768 and developers won’t have to redo their apps for the iPad Mini, and also because my eyes are old and the slightly bigger display on the smaller iPad will be more comfortable for them.

It Lets More People Experience the iPad: It’s expected that the iPad Mini will have a substantially lower price point than the current iPad – most likely starting at somewhere between $250 – $330. Of course this isn’t as low as 7 inch tablets from Amazon and Google, but there will be plenty of folks happy to pay a little more for the clear leader in the tablet arena, and for the apps and ecosystem the iPad offers. It will extend the iPad line and expand its market share again.

iPad Will Get Even Bigger in Education: The iPad has already had a big impact in education – being adopted by schools from K-12 right through to the most blue-chip of universities. One of the only factors weighing against its adoption has been price. A smaller, considerably less expensive iPad should give a huge boost to iPad’s momentum in this space.

It’s Another Step in the Post-PC Era: I was talking about this the other day with a friend and writing colleague. The iPad Mini will start out as another ‘tweener’ sort of device or some of us who already own an iPad and an iPhone, and many will ask where it fits in or what device does it replace – there are already people speculating on how much the iPad Mini will cannibalize sales of the full-size iPad. For me, the iPad Mini feels like another step farther into the Post-PC era. Right now I use the iPad far more than my iPhone and use a MacBook Pro as my ‘desktop’ PC. The iPad is not able to fully replace my laptop just yet, but I don’t think that day is so far away. At that point I can see myself using the iPad Mini as my primary portable device and the full-size iPad as my main computer in my home office.

Those are some of my main reasons for feeling hugely excited about the iPad Mini. How about you all? Are you excited about the iPad MIni? If so, what are your big reasons?

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8 thoughts on “Why the iPad Mini Is Exciting”

  1. Great article. I have only one thing to add.
    The iPad Mini is exciting for all you’ve written in the article, but to me the main reason is this:
    This tablet will be the FIRST reliable tablet of this category. Let’s face it, Nexus, Kindle Fire and the rest, are far from being exciting. They have big limitations, not the greatest hardware, and they have all the limitations of the Android fragmentation and because of that most apps look weird on their screens.
    My guess, based on Apple’s recent history on the mobile market, is that this tablet will be a huge success.
    And finally, I totally agree about the post PC era. I believe that traditional desktops are just a pass from becoming obsolete. The more we come closer to the end of Moore’s law, the more tablet power will equal desktop power.
    A 7-8 inch tablet is the perfect combination between portability and screen size, and a laptop is all you need even if you’re a power user.

  2. I was happy to scrap my Nook Color for an iPad once I resolved to spend the money. Perhaps if it had been a far superior (we assume) Apple product, I would have stuck with it, I prefer the large size iPad and use my iPhone as the portable device. Now if they gave the mini a phone, we’d be in business. Even the larger iPhone is too small,

  3. I am really excited about the iPad mini! Thanks for the great article. I am especially interested because my iPad 2 was stolen in September. (Long story, but I left it in the family van when we parked it for a college football game in Alabama. My husband dropped me off, then did not hide it well.) I can’t afford to replace it right now. so I’m hoping the mini will be priced a little lower, Also, I will probably take it with me everywhere I go so it won’t get stolen! The smaller size will make that easier. BTW My iPad2 was Wifi only, but we did trace it to Atlanta with Find My iPhone when the thieves turned it on. Unfortunately, the Atlanta police said the address pinged would only be accurate within 400 yards (it was in a neighborhood) and my case was not high on their list of priorities :(

  4. I am trying to kick off my PC and solely work with my iPad 3.
    Concentrating on an 9.7″ inch screen for more than 2 hours is hard (i am 62!).
    So the iPad mini is no alternative. Its too small for working and still too big for taking it everywhere.

  5. I love my ipad 3, but it’s a long way from replacing a desktop or laptop PC. This is mainly due to lack of file management options and lack of external storage. I still find it way easier to download files on my laptop, sort them out on there, and then transfer to my ipad, rather than even attempting to do all that just on the ipad (it is impossible!).

    That said, I hope for more functionality in ths area in the future, although we all know that Apple don’t really like giving us the freedom of a PC that we desire…

    1. I fully agree with you, Dave.
      Additionally to your comment I think there is still a lack of reliable software for these awesome small machines. Up to now I cannot see that tablets are born for editing data.
      The ‘iPad Profiles Small Business’ publications of Apple are just ad.
      If you are interested go to my blog http://iNotes4You.wordpress.com. My last post was about this theme.

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