3G iPads Shipping for Friday Delivery

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Lots of reports on the web today of shipping confirmations for iPad WiFi + 3G models, for their promised delivery dates of this Friday, April 30, presumably.

Apple stores and Best Buy and other chosen outlets should have them in stock on Friday – starting at 5:00Pm I think – as well.

I am still thinking on whether I can swing a trade-up to a 3G model.  I’d have to sacrifice storage space though – drop down from 64GB to 32GB.  Will be mulling that over for a while longer.

So … any of you awaiting a Friday delivery of an iPad 3G?  Or planning to go get one at a local store?

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24 thoughts on “3G iPads Shipping for Friday Delivery”

  1. Either sell it, or possibly hand it off to my wife and daughter. I need to work out A) if that can be swung money-wise and B) whether I really need the 3G
    You returned your WiFi model right? Grabbing the 3G on Friday?

  2. i've been eagerly awaiting for my delivery of the 3G iPad! my wife is getting sick of me drooling all over my computer reading everything iPad.

    1. I, too, am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the FedEx truck tomorrow! Got the email that it has shipped and left out at 11a.m. today. Delivery is promised by tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. I am trying to catch every piece of info I can before it gets here. Now, just hope I got enough GB! Ahhhhh, are we ever satisfied?

  3. Ha – tell her that reading this site is OK, better than OK – that it will add years to your life and relationship and happiness. Or maybe just tab to another app and hide the browser when she walks by :)

  4. I actually didn't take it back. I fought and fought myself on the decision. So, now I'm in the same boat as you. Do I 3G or not 3G. Right now I'm leaning towards not.

    Why: Because I don't think AT&T deserves any more of my money than they get right now when they can't deliver a single call without dropping, and they can't keep their word on iPhone tethering.

    1. Ah, well that's different. I'm lucky with the AT&T side of things – here in Austin we get great voice and data coverage, and we have a good family plan, tons of rollover minutes – so no great need or desire to leave them.

  5. After just a few weeks with the iPad WiFi, my wife and decided to upgrade to the iPad 3G. This was not only both of us having situations where no WiFi was available, or restricted. But the kicker was when the international delay was announced, we chose to list it on ebay.. and we made a mint. Come on Friday.

    Get the 3G gang, if for nothing else than to have the CHOICE of 3G when you need it. Because it will happen, it did to us.

  6. I have a 32 gb wifi but am considering 3G because the iPad was a better companion for work then I could predict. I work as a teacher and I have already found lots of ways to use it in class. You have the dragon-app which writes down spoken (english) words. I have also a dictionary with me all the time. I´m from Sweden so I have to import it though, but I am considering it:)

  7. I ordered 2 of the 3G iPad's on the day they were available. I just checked my order status and they haven't shipped yet. I'm getting worried about this because if they ship from China there's no way I'll get them until May. The only way I'm getting my iPad's on Friday, April 30th is if they are holding them at the local Apple store.

  8. I would definitely get the 3G with 64 GB. You can always upgrade the software, but you are stuck with the hardware.

  9. Awesome – my 7 year old daughter loves mine – she would be over the moon if I do end up handing down the WiFi one at some point.

  10. I ordered my 3G the day it opened for preorders at 7:01 am. It's Thursday, and my credit card has not shown the charge and I have no tracking number.

    I'm a little nervous.

  11. I am just killing time until tomorrow. I am an very impatient person by nature so to wait on the 3G originally was a tough choice but I will be using mine a great deal outdoors and knew I would regret not having email/Internet access when out and about.

  12. I got tracking # and confirmation it was picked up and en route by 5pm Friday, credit card not charged as of yet.
    woo hoo taking tomorrow off hehehe

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