60% of Doctors Thinking of Prescribing Themselves iPads

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Epocrates, the medical software company did a survey of more than 350 clinicians to gauge their interest in the new tablet.  They found that:

Nine percent of survey respondents plan to buy the iPad when it was immediately available,
Another 13 percent plan to buy it within the year,
Thirty-eight percent of respondents expressed interest in the iPad with the request of more information to solidify their purchase decision.

Pretty impressive – 60% of those surveyed either already plan to buy or are considering it.  That’s almost up into the Trident Gum, four out of five dentists recommend, territory. 

Epocrates – makers of a leading clinical reference app for the iPhone – have also announced that their Epocrates iPhone app will be customized for the iPad.

Via: 9to5Mac

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2 thoughts on “60% of Doctors Thinking of Prescribing Themselves iPads”

  1. There is a large gap between what many HOPE the iPad will do and what it actually CAN do. Tablet PCs have been on the market for many years and promised many of the same things. The limiting factor has been (and most likely will continue to be) software. In the US, the ARRA certification (via the HITECH stimulus) will be the badge that differentiates what healthcare facilities will actually support and purchase.

    I've listed another 10 reasons the current iPad will not be significantly deployed in healthcare if you have the time.

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