All the iPad and Tablet Market Forecasts for 2011

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Want to see all the big predictions for iPad and tablet sales this year, from all those killer analyst types on Wall Street and from the top tech research firms? Eric Lai at UberMobile has got you covered.

Sometimes I feel like I’m back in my high school-era data entry jobs. I’ve collected and charted all of the publicly-available forecasts on the tablet market for 2011 and beyond. This is up to date as of February 17, 2011 (though please notify me of any new/missing forecasts).

He’s got charts up showing all the predictions for shipments of iPads and tablets this year. And the numbers are big and impressive of course. The predictions for the tablet market as a whole range from 22 million to 70 million. Those for the iPad range from 23 million to 48 million.

The bottom line of course is that tablets have huge momentum, tablet sales are going to take off this year, and iPad is going to have a very large slice of the pie. And the more we see (and don’t see) of the competition, the bigger that slice is looking.

Check out Eric’s post here for all the great data:

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2 thoughts on “All the iPad and Tablet Market Forecasts for 2011”

  1. Just. Damn.

    It’s no secret that I’ve been a believer since the initial iPad announcement way back when. But these numbers still boggle my mind. I was super confident when taking the ‘over’ for year one sales of 8 million. And most people thought I was nuts!

    But either way these 2011 numbers are just wild to contemplate. I am particularly thrilled about these projections of course bc the more users there are, the more incentivized Apple is to keep the experience robust and moving forward (read: I can haz a file system?)

  2. I feel very much the same. I’ve felt for a long while that this is a far more game-changing device than even the iPhone – but these numbers are still incredible.

    Oh, and I definitely agree that Apple should have all the incentives they need (more users, more competition) to keep improving both the iPad and the iOS platform.

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