An iPad Story: iPad 2 Dropped, Screen Smashed, and a Very Happy Ending

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Oh the horror. That is just NOT the kind of iPad 2 photo anybody wants to see. That’s the iPad 2 that used to belong to everythingiCafe forum member Citsur86 (real name Mike) until yesterday. Then this happened:

Taking my dog out to the car to head to the park, I had my iPad 2 in it’s case (sleeve) and under my arm. However this arm was attached to the hand holding her leash. She NEVER pulls when I walk her and for some reason as soon as I opened my front door she did an all out sprint. This caused my arm to lift up and the iPad to fall. It fell perfectly hitting on the bottom right corner. The aftermath. (is the picture shown above)

Sounds awful right? A story that is bound to have a very sad – and probably very expensive – ending. Well, not this time …

Mike called his local Apple store in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and here’s what happened next:

Went into the Apple Store at 6:50 for my 7:10 genius bar appointment, was helped around 6:55.

I was asked what they could help me with. I did a half laugh, half whimper and pulled out this iPad 2 turned abomination. Explained my store in full and was completely honost. 10 minutes later after he had written his report, he explains the following. This is as close as I can get it to word for word

"We can’t replace the glass because the damage is too severe. That costs $250. We will have to replace the whole thing. This costs $349. But, we understand accidents happen, and you just got this 2 weeks ago. Apple isn’t trying to break anyone’s bank. We want you to enjoy it. So we are going to replace it for free."

I felt like giving the guy a hug, but instead just breathed a sigh of releif and said, (probably 3 or 4 times), "I can’t tell you how miuch I appreciate that."

So in 3-5 business days they are going to give me a call at which time I bring back the broken one (I took it home with me) and they give me a brand new one. Man, if I was a fanboy before, im not sure what I am now, but I have definitely been promoted.

Now that’s a hell of a nice result. I’m sure this is not always the way this sort of situation plays out – but what a great decision by Apple to do this for Mike. I think it likely helped that he was totally honest with them and went in demanding nothing. Even so, I can see why he is now more than a fan for life.

One more thing I like about this story: I asked Mike, in the everythingiCafe forum thread on this, how long his dog would be in the Bad Dog House over this incident. He replied that Zoey, his rambunctious 1.5 year old Brittany Spaniel, never bolts like this when out with him and must have had a good reason to do so – and that he recognized the accident was his fault. I’m a huge dog lover so I enjoyed hearing that.

Mike runs a new app review podcast site, which you may want to check out here:

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8 thoughts on “An iPad Story: iPad 2 Dropped, Screen Smashed, and a Very Happy Ending”

  1. In a World where the economy is terrible, albeit we’re all buying expensive gadgets, this is simply brilliant Customer Service…

  2. For anyone who wonders why Apple has so many devoted followers, they need look no further. This level of customer service, especially in an electronics industry known for keeping customers at arm’s length, makes a huge impression.

  3. For some reason, I don’t think my local apple store would do the same, but I would be devastated if this happened to me. However, I wouldn’t blame my dog but myself for not having it in a decent case. I would never walk around with the ipad just in a sleeve especially outside of my home walking my dog on asphalt concrete or plain concrete, but maybe in the house. I had one horror story with my iPhone 3G that Apple actually replaced for free after dropping it on the face and having the screen not break but not recognize any touch input. I’m glad this worked out for him but I hope he puts more protection on his pricey gadget ;)

  4. Same thing happened to me. Ipad 2 is the first apple product i bought. My son dropped it and shattered the screen. I brought it to the store and the sales rep replaced it for no charge. So impressed. Needless to say, i will be purchasing more apple products going forward. The apple team won me over

  5. Now that’s what I call exceeding the customers expectations and doing the right thing. The company that does the right thing has a customer for life which will be far more profitable than saving the cost of a new device! I wish more companies understood the simple value of doing what my company does as well which is to ” take care of the customer ” ! Kudos to you Apple!

    1. I am glad to know that someone did not get the shaft when this happened to them. I however was not as lucky…I dropped my iPad (4 days after purchase) from a VERY small distance, seat on my desk chair…I turned around to get something from a shelf…bumped it with my leg, and watched it in slo-motion turn and hit the top left corner. It was in a leather case, and when I opened the case, the glass was shattered. I went to my local Apple store and got no respect at all. I was completely honest also, and am now just out my $700.00 plus. I even bought the apple care (as I always do even without being asked) I have had good luck in the past, so I decided to buy the thing I have always wanted. Now instead of having a greater respect for apple…I am very sad and now have spent half of my recent wedding money on nothing. Very poorly made portable device. :(

  6. Bloody hell they would not do that for me. I was going down some stairs at night in a dark area and fell and it broke more than the screen due to being on concrete, I went to the new apple store in El Paso, TX and they told me it was going to be $345 and they would not for the life of them replace it for free. I am sadly still using the iPad broken because I can not afford to get a replacement. I feel like I have wiped my bottom with $649 then burned it in my fire place.

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