Analyst Predicts 21 Million iPad Sales in 2011, Calls It ‘Mac for the Masses’

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One prominent Wall Street analyst has increased is forecast for iPad sales in 2011 to 21 million, citing expansion of the device’s availability, as well as rapid adoption in the enterprise sector.

Gene Munster with Piper Jaffray said Thursday he believes the the iPad is poised to outsell the Mac in 2011. He had previously called for 14.5 million iPads to be sold in 2011, but now sees Apple selling 21 million.

"We believe the iPad represents a meaningful product category for Apple as a secondary computing device for those who already have a primary computer, a primary device for those who could not previously afford a Mac, and the first Apple product that will be a success in the enterprise," he wrote. "We see the iPad as the Mac for the masses."

Wow. If Munster’s predictions are accurate, that’s some massive success for the iPad. Outselling Macs and being the first Apple product that succeeds in the enterprise are both huge achievements in their own right. I find myself thinking more and more lately that the iPad is going to end up being an even bigger game-changer than the iPhone.

Via: Apple Insider

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