Another Sales Boost: Oprah Praises the iPad

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Winfrey praised the iPad, which she called "amazing," in a conversation on her show last week with tech analyst Omar Wasow. She highlighted the device’s abilities as an e-reader, noting that the its touchscreen allows books to "move," and proclaimed that Apple’s new hardware would "change the way kids learn."

Totally agree with Oprah on the above.  I think the iPhone OS is great for helping to make reading and learning fun for kids, and the iPad takes this up a notch. 

Given her huge fanbase, it will be interesting to see how much impact Oprah’s praise will have on iPad’s already strong sales.

Via: AppleInsider

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3 thoughts on “Another Sales Boost: Oprah Praises the iPad”

  1. Yup, all the kids who come to school hungry, or abused, or are in unstable home situations or are the victims of economic dislocation just need iPads to revolutionize they way they learn.

  2. I like your blog site. Don't agree with all your thoughts, but like the idea and style of it.

    As for your comment on this, not sure how that's very relevant. The iPad doesn't worsen the situation of all those kids in any way as far as I can see, and I think it can be a great learning aide for those who do have one at home or in their school.

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