Apple’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ Event Today – Possible iPad Related News We’ll Hear

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Today is Apple’s long-awaited ‘Lets Talk iPhone’ event. It’s the event at which they’ll announce a new iPhone 5, or an iPhone 4S, or perhaps both. A huge day for iPhone fans – especially as this year the iPhone event is around 3 months ‘overdue’.

While the focus will clearly be on the iPhone today, there may well a fair bit of major iPad-related news as well. Here are just a few things we might get to hear about today that would be big news for many iPad owners:

Facebook iPad App: We’ve known for months that the code for this app was already complete or very close to it – there was even a brief window where some of us got a chance to try it out. Its announcement has been expected for ages and today’s event seems as good a time and place as any to see it finally happen.

iOS 5 Public Release Date and Gold Master Release: We should almost certainly hear a date for the public release of iOS 5 today. iOS 5 is the next major update to the iPad and iPhone operating system – and it brings a wealth of great new features for the iPad. Hopefully we will also hear that a Gold Master build of iOS 5 is released today for iOS developers.

Lots of Talk about AirPlay: Probably not any new news on this topic, but much highlighting of just how cool this feature is – especially the awesome new AirPlay Mirroring in iOS 5.

iOS App Rentals: Rumors about rentals becoming part of the App Store have surfaced over the last few days, based on strings of code referring to them in the latest iTunes beta. The ability to rent apps before buying would be a nice step and would help address the lack of trial software.

An iPad TV App of Some Kind from Apple Themselves: I’ve only seen this mentioned once, by Robert Scoble on Google+. Not much detail here:

I’m hearing that Apple is working on a new iPad app that looks a lot like DirecTV without the dish, too.

It’s going to be an exciting day – for iPhone and iPad fans. Just knowing an iOS 5 release date is big news in its own right, and hopefully we’ll get plenty more than that.

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  1. From the announcement of iOS 5 until today has been way too long. Excited it’s finally here. Too bad we’ll have to wait a bit longer to get it. Here’s to hoping the GM is put out today!

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