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The BBC is giving the iPad a test run.  It is trialing the device in various departments and in a good range of use cases. 

The BBC is running a limited trial with the Apple iPad in some of departments to evaluate its feasibility to reduce paper waste and boost staff efficiency within the corporation.

The broadcaster has provided its UK production, location and technical departments with the device in order to help them work on the move. It has also provided several managers with the tablet to see if they would be able remove the need for desktop computers.

It seems The Beeb are considering the iPad’s potential use for various staff groups – from those mentioned above to journalists, producers, and possibly IT and technical staff as well.

He also said that the device may be able to cut down on the amount of IT and paper currently used by technical staff, both in the company’s offices around the world, as well as on location. "If a support engineer gets called into a studio, it would be handy to have a device where you could look up circuit diagrams or software help files," he said, as an example.

As a long-time IT and network support guy, I’d have to say Hell Yes to that last bit above.  The iPad should be a great device to have on-site for those in techie sort of roles.

Via: 9to5Mac

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