Bjork’s Next Album to Be Released as a Set of iPad Apps

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As The Guardian recently reported, Bjork – the quirky and popular Icelandic singer/songrwiter – is planning to release her next album as a set of iPad apps. The upcoming album, titled ‘Biophilia’, will have a conventional release as well as a release as a set of iPad apps, all contained in one ‘mother’ app.

The apps within the mother app will each be related to a single track on the album – and each will allow users to ‘interact with the song’s themes or even make a completely new version’. Each app is also said to be an ‘evolving entity’ that will grow and change as the album’s release schedule does.

The album and the companion apps will be released at the same time. There’s no release date announced yet – but whenever they are it will be fun to see how this album plus iPad apps concept turns out.

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