Coming Soon: The Daily, an iPad-Only Newspaper

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Image Source: Gizmodo

There have been rumors around for quite a while now that Rupert Murdoch – the media tycoon and owner of News Corp, The Wall Street Journal, The Times of London, Fox Broadcasting and lots more – was going to be launching an iPad-only newspaper publication. Now we know that the upcoming title has a name – ‘The Daily’ and apparently it is coming quite soon, perhaps by the end of this month.

Here’s some of the most interesting bits being reported on this round the web today:

— The newspaper will be called The Daily and will only be available on the iPad (and future tablets) – there will be no print or online edition.

— It will be an app that costs $0.99 per week to use – and Apple is said to be working with News Corp on it in some way – perhaps in working out a subscription model which can then be implemented by other newspaper and magazine titles on iOS.

— Some reports say News Corp may have already invested up to $30 million on getting The Daily going.

— The Daily will be managed in the News Corp building in New York and will have 100-150 journalists dedicated to it. That seems an incredibly high number for a brand new publication, and a brand new type of publication.

The newspaper and magazine section  of the iPad App Store is one of my favorite areas to follow. I’ve tried out most of the leading titles on offer, and found that some are very good, some are mediocre, and many are just terrible. I’ll be fascinated to see how the first ‘dedicated’ iPad newspaper turns out.

I really hope Murdoch has got some new talent involved on The Daily – not just his usual crew who have worked on bringing The Times of London and other titles to the iPad. The Times of London is a terrible effort at bringing a quality newspaper to the iPad. Here’s hoping The Daily has a fresh approach and one that really embraces what an iPad title can be.

News Via: TheNextWeb, Gizmodo, and 9to5Mac

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  1. And I thought we iPad users were more of a left-leaning bunch… Right-wing media is finding another way to sneak into your life…

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