Conde Nast App Store Magazine Downloads Total Over 3.8 Million

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Condé Nast, the magazine publisher whose brands include WIRED, Vanity Fair and VOGUE, announced this week that downloads of their magazine applications have exceeded 3.8 million since the company’s conception on the App Store a number of months ago.

That 3.8 million downloads figure sounded big when I initially heard it. Then I looked at the number of titles Conde Nast has in the App Store – more than a dozen just for the iPad – and without having any context for it, it doesn’t seem that striking. I’d be much more interested in seeing a breakdown of their most popular titles’ numbers, as well as paid vs. free downloads, and iPad and iPhone numbers broken out.

I know Wired magazine was touting some impressive numbers shortly after it launched – I’d love to know how it’s fared since then, especially as I think it’s the best iPad edition of any magazine I’ve seen hit the App Store.

If anyone has seen any detailed figures for Conde Nast, or other publishers, App Store numbers please share a link in the comments.

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