Crazy Big iPad Numbers: Outselling Macs, Selling 200K a Week

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Industry analyst Mike Abramsky of RBC Capital Markets is bullish on the iPad, noting that at this early date, Apple is selling more than 200,000 a week of the new device. By comparison, US sales of Macs are hovering at about 110,000 per week and sales of the iPhone 3GS are at about 246,000 per week based on first quarter 2010 sales figures.

The sales numbers for iPad are more impressive each time I see them.  Especially considering it is still only on sale in one country – with its first steps into international markets coming up in a little over a week. The same analyst quoted above has also raised his estimate for iPad sales this year from 5 million 8 million.  Seems like anywhere in that neighborhood would be a hell of a successful first year.


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