Crazy iPad Numbers: 150,000 Pre-orders on First Weekend, Prediction of 500,000 by Release Day

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If current estimates are correct, Apple has already had over 150,000 iPad pre-orders over the first weekend of accepting them, and that’s not counting all the reservations for in-store collection (which were already estimated at 40,000 on Day 1). 

Daniel Tello, who has been tracking the numbers closely, predicted that Apple will sell about 30,000 iPad preorders on weekdays, and half of that on weekends. He forecasts no more than a half-million preorders and reservations will be taken before the April 3 launch. He told Elmer-DeWitt he believes Apple will sell 1 million iPads by the second week after the device ships.

That’s from an Apple Insider report today.  If Tello’s numbers are accurate, that would be pretty stunning, given that most Wall Sreet analysts predict one million sales in the iPad’s first year on the market, and that the original iPhone took over two months to hit one million sold.

Sources: Apple Insider, Mashable, CNNMoney

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2 thoughts on “Crazy iPad Numbers: 150,000 Pre-orders on First Weekend, Prediction of 500,000 by Release Day”

  1. that is amazing! I hope that I dont wait in line for nothing. Does anybody know how many Ipads are going to be available at launch? when the original Iphone came out it took me about a month to get one. I live in San Francisco, so they where super busy I guess. I plan on waiting in line. I onder how people will do the same. The earliest I will get there will be 3:30pm on a friday, stay over night and pick up on Saturday! Im too excited!

    1. I'm hoping lines will not be too crazy too. I'm in Austin, so not as big a city as San Fran, but a very 'techie' city so I don't know.

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