Crazy iPad Numbers – 3 Million Sold in Under 3 Months

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Apple® today announced that it sold its three millionth iPad™ yesterday, just 80 days after its introduction in the US.

Like many people, I thought iPad sales would start to taper off after the initial mad rush for the new device back in its first few weeks of release.  Amazingly, this does not seem to be happening.  Obviously sales are now being boosted due its Stage 1 international launch last month – but the pace of better than a million units sold per months still seems extremely impressive.

Apple also announced today that there are now more than 11,000 apps for iPad – which is already double the number that were available at the end of May.  It’s good to see that developers’ enthusiasm for the device is matching that of users – though it still doesn’t feel to me like there are tons of new iPad apps around in the App Store over recent weeks.

Via: Apple press release

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  1. The Ipad will have the same kind of success as its little brother (iphone). Just wait 1 year and compare again the numbers ! I'm pretty sure that Iphone and ipad sales will look like amazingly the same ! But Iphone will stay as the best blockbuster of Apple

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