Crazy iPad Numbers: Hundreds of Thousands Sold in Less than a Week?

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From a Wall Street Journal online report today (highlights are mine):

Since the iPad became available for pre-order last Friday, Apple has sold hundreds of thousands of the device, say people familiar with the matter. One of these people said Apple could sell more iPads in its first three months than it sold iPhones in the three months after the smart phone’s debut.

If these reports are accurate, that’s pretty striking stuff.  Hundreds of thousands sold in less than a week since pre-orders went live (last Friday morning).  Hundreds of thousands sold before the iPad is even available in stores. For a device that I think most Wall Street analysts are predicting to sell around one million in its full first year on the market.  Oh, and that prediction that it may sell more than the original iPhone in its first three months – keep in mind iPhone V1 sold over a million in its first 74 days.

Maybe demand for the iPad is just a little bigger than a lot of folks were thinking.


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