Crazy iPad Numbers: iPad Outsold Macs on Black Friday

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Looks like the iPad had a pretty damn good holiday weekend. A report from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster’s team says it was selling at a rate of 8.8 units sold per Apple Store per hour. That’s fast – I’ve been in a busy Apple Store here in Austin (a lot) and bought iPads and seen them bought, and it’s not the quickest process in the world.

It’s also a pace that put it ahead of Macs in Munster’s report. That’s pretty damn impressive too, especially given how popular the new MacBook Air is.

I imagine the iPad will have a huge holiday sales period overall – the only thing I can see holding it back some at this point is that some people will now be waiting on next year’s iPad 2.

News Source: Fortune via Macgasm

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