Crazy iPad Numbers: It Accounts for 26% of Mobile Traffic at Wired

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Less than three weeks after its launch, Apple’s iPad already accounts for 26 percent of the mobile devices accessing

That’s a huge number considering how new the iPad is.  It also looks as if it is around double (or a tad more) the percentage held by ‘everyone else’ in terms of mobile devices that are not part of the iPhone platform.

Wired’s article on these stats certainly indicates that they’re impressed by the numbers …

One conclusion we can draw: iPad users are using it to browse the web, and they’re doing it a lot.

And yes, we are aware of the irony that the majority of’s videos, which use an Adobe Flash-based player, don’t play on the iPad. We’re working on that, starting with our homepage, which became iPad-compatible starting yesterday evening, thanks to managing editor Pam Statz.

Impressed enough to be working hard already on making the site more iPad friendly.  And that’s in addition to their plans for an iPad version of their print magazine.  Good stuff.


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2 thoughts on “Crazy iPad Numbers: It Accounts for 26% of Mobile Traffic at Wired”

  1. I like IPad, but without the ability to use flash I would not consider using them on a large scale within our business. I would doubt everyone will rebuild all their b2b sites just for this.

    1. I'm sure you're right that not everyone will, but I imagine a very healthy percentage will. Many major sites – like the NYT and NPR – are already retooling theirs to work with the iPad.

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