Crazy iPad Numbers – Sales of 43 Million Predicted for Next Year

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Despite Apple reporting lower-than-expected iPad sales in its quarterly earnings release yesterday, research firm iSuppli has once againraised its projections for iPad sales through the end of 2012 to over 120 million, up over 20 million from its July projections.

iSuppli has increased its iPad sales estimates from 12.9 million to 13.8 million for 2010, from 36.5 million to 43.7 million for 2011, and from 50.4 million to 63.3 million for 2012.

OK, these are just predictions of course – but they contain some huge numbers, and I keep seeing more and more predictions that look like they’re in this sort of neighborhood. Over 40 million iPads to be sold next year, and then over 60 million in 2012. That would put them way ahead of Macs and even iPhones I imagine.

Some  of the biggest growth factors seem to be supply catching up with demand, expansion of US retail outlets and international markets, and its surprisingly strong traction in the education and business sectors.

Go iPad go.

News via: MacRumors

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