Crazy iPad Numbers: Wired Sells 24,000 Copies of Their iPad App in 24 Hours

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Wired Magazine iPad app

Wired magazine sold 24,000 copies of its iPad app in the first 24 hours it was available in Apple’s iTunes store, company executives said. The app was released shortly after midnight Tuesday.

Yowza.  24,000 in one day seems huge – especially for a non-game app.  Just for context, Wired magazine sells around 82,000 copies on newsstands every month and has about 672,000 subscribers.  If the iPad edition continued at this pace for a month (which seems highly unlikely) that would be 720,000 copies sold. 

Even if the pace of sales slacks off by a lot after its launch day, that one day should have netted around $83,000 after Apple’s cut if I did my math right.  Not bad for just Day 1, and with a hefty per-issue price tag.

I doubt that readers will be happy paying $4.99 for every individual issue, so hopefully Wired’s promised new range of subscription options will see the light of day soon.

Look out for my review of Wired’s iPad edition very soon.


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