Engadget Checks Out iPad 2 Case at CES

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Engadget caught up with the folks from Dexim at CES – and found them showing off an interesting new iPad case. A case that a current iPad won’t fit in – because it’s said to be a case for the upcoming iPad 2.

Today’s find beats them all, however: we just found a case with a machined aluminum iPad 2 mockup inside. Dexim is the eager exhibitor, with an actually very intriguing case design involving a Bluetooth keyboard that magnetically adheres to the front cover of the book-like sleeve …

Indeed, the mockup that we found inside the case was a tad bit slimmer than the first-gen iPad, with a taper leading to the edges that reminds us of the iPod touch, and a home button positioned nearer the bottom edge.

The quick summary on what this new case indicates for the iPad 2: a slightly slimmer iPad, with cameras and a bigger speaker. These characteristics, along with a flat back, seem now to be showing up consistently in rumors and ‘leaked’ case designs floating around the web for a while now. These are beginning to feel like things to add to the ‘won’t be a big surprise’ list if and when we see them mentioned when the iPad 2 is announced (presumably later this month).

News Via: Engadget

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