Facebook Live Event News: Still no Facebook iPad App

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I’ve been watching the Facebook Live event this afternoon, with Mark Zuckerberg talking about some ‘big news’ for Facebook and chat. Built-in video chat via Skype was announced, as many expected.

The other big news from the event is no news on a Facebook iPad app. It didn’t even get a mention, though Zuckerberg did say they’ve been ‘buy building stuff’ for around 6 months now and that over the next few weeks and months they’ve got a number of things to announce and launch.

I’m sure this will disappoint a lot of iPad-owning Facebook fans. Until Facebook does decide to release an official app for iPad, we’ll need to keep using either Facebook in the Safari browser or one of the various 3rd party Facebook apps available in the iPad App Store.

My current – and fairly long-standing – favorite Facebook app for the iPad is Friended. What’s yours?

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7 thoughts on “Facebook Live Event News: Still no Facebook iPad App”

  1. A Interesting comment from Zuckerberg was that this is the year of the “launch” implying that Facebook will be in the launch mode. I would anticipate the Facebook app will be coming shortly.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that too – but iPad definitely isn’t a priority for them. I think the fact it got no mention at all highlights that.

  2. I prefer Friendly to Friended. With both my wife and I using the iPad to browse Facebook, Friendly’s support for multiple accounts made the decision a no-brainer.

    1. Cool. That’s about as solid a reason as you can have. I don’t share my iPad 2 with anyone, so not an issue for me.

  3. I have tied pretty much all the options and have come full circle to Facebook on the Atomic Web Browser. 3rd party apps all lack the ability to open a link in the background to read later and still keep reading my feed (although a couple of them, such as Social, offer unsatisfactory variants of this), and Safari does a terrible job of handling multiple tabs (and just about everything else compared to Atomic). It ain’t ideal, and I still have to use Facebook for iPhone to upload photos to specific folders and to change my profile pic, but until Zuck gets it in gear, I’m living with it.

    1. Then again, Facebook for iPhone is so terrible and under supported that who is to say that a native iPad app will be any good anyway?

      1. Yeah, good question. Judging by their live event yesterday, the iPad and iOS in general are not high on their list of priorities.

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