For Tim Cook 2011 was Year of the iPad

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During the question and answer segment of today’s Earnings Conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook made some interesting comments in response to a question of what the company thinks of their competition on tablet market. What follows is a paraphrasing of his direct remarks.

He began by stressing that Apple was happy with the 15.43 million iPad units sold in the final calendar quarter of 2011, explaining that it was consistent with their long-term belief that the tablet segment is a huge opportunity for Apple over time. Indeed, he explained that they believe that the tablet market will be larger than the PC market; tablet sales are already seeming to exceed desktop sales in US.

With regards to the competitiveness of the iPad, he feels that the iPad is in a class by itself. Their focus is on optimization of apps that take advantage of larger canvas. The iPad has a wealth of quality apps available, compared to only a few hundred on competitors’ offerings.

He closed by saying that they don’t see limited function tablets such as e-readers being in the same category as iPad. These limited-function tablets will have customers and they will sell a fair number of units. However, he opined that people who want an iPad will not settle for a device with less functionality.

He delivered a smile-inducing full stop to his remarks, saying that last year was supposed to be year of the tablet. Rather it was Year of the iPad.

Well said.

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2 thoughts on “For Tim Cook 2011 was Year of the iPad”

  1. My wonderful son presented me with an IPad2 for my b’day instead of a reader (I’m 72)!
    how lucky can a Mom be?! It’s the ultimate gift of my life. P.S. Love your posts. Read them every day. Thanks for keeping us so well informed.

  2. The iPad is a great device and has a lot going for it, but tablets won’t replace PCs as long as they continue to be limited by the lack of Flash, Java, and other necessary tools for online use.

    I still find myself reaching for my dinky little netbook entirely too often to do things that my iPad simply can’t. It’s frustrating. I hope someday the iPad is functional enough so that it’s my one and only portable device and I no longer need to keep the netbook around.

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