How The iPad Won Over a Star PC Journalist

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Mary-Jo Foley is a heavyweight tech journalist, who has provided expert and insider coverage of Microsoft for many years.  She currently writes the All About Microsoft column at Zdnet – and on the I’m a Mac, I’m a PC scale she is a definite PC.

And she’s now an iPad owner – and a very happy one by the sounds of it.  In her recent column where she ‘confesses’ to buying one, she says she is loving the iPad after a week with it.

Here’s just a quick slice of Foley’s reasons for the iPad purchase:

So why did I succumb to the charms of the iPad? Quite simply, I have not been able to find a PC that offered what an iPad does. Windows laptops are powerful, versatile and relatively inexpensive compared to Apple’s counter-offerings. You can get portable netbooks (with so-so performance), great big-screen gaming rigs and thin-and-light models (like the Asus UL30A that is my current workhorse). But none of these has the amazing battery life, fast on/off, ultra-handy form factor, a made-for-touch interface (rather than touch bolted on to a keyboard/mouse-centric interface) or a built-in app store.

Foley does also point out several things she does not love about the iPad – including the lack of choice on a US cellular provider for her 3G data plans.  She is not a big fan of Safari or iTunes either, and would like to see IE and or Firefox as browser options, and Zune as a media player app option. 

For now, Foley also views the iPad as a consumption rather than creation device. 

Overall though Foley seems quite impressed with the iPad.  I think that’s impressive – especially as this is the first Apple device she has ever owned.  Her column on this is a great read – check it out here:

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