iBookstore Pricing & Other Little Bits Spotted in the iPad TV Ad

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9to5Mac has an article up highlighting some juicy little gems spotted within the first iPad TV ad aired during the Oscars ceremony a couple nights back.  For starters, it looks like prices in the iBookstore may be very competitive, as shown in the (very blurry) capture above:

During Apple’s iPad commercial last night, we caught a glimpse of iBookstore pricing. The prices seem to fall below hardcover books, audiobook, paperback prices and even Kindles’s pricing. For instance, Ted Kennedy’s memoir, True Compass costs $23 for the hardcover, $19.25 for the B&W Kindle version and $14.95 for the iPad version.  Other books show similar price lines.

They also think they’ve spotted a very unexpected name for the document storage area to be used by the iWork apps:

Also, Apple looks to store documents on the iPad in a “My Documents” folder in iWork touch.  This was touched on briefly after the launch event but it is interesting that Apple chose this nomenclature.  This, perhaps to make it easier on the PC people to understand the storage architecture?

That will be a weird one to look at whenever you’re saving an iWork doc.

For more details and screen captures, check out 9to5Mac’s post here:


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