Instructions Released To Install iPhoto on the Original iPad (But It Won’t Survive a Sync)

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iPhoto for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi   3G on the iTunes App Store

iPhoto for iPad (and iPhone) was released this week, on the same day as Apple’s new iPad announcement. Unfortunately for those who own an original iPad it cannot be installed on the first-gen iPad. Officially and via the App Store that is.

Unsurprisingly, a sideloading type method to install iPhoto on the original iPad has already been found. So if you’ve got an original iPad and have been disappointed about the lack of iPhoto for iPad love for your device, there’s a way to get it, for at least a little trial run.

The method does not require a jailbreak and does require that you purchase iPhoto from the App Store. You need to get the app installed on your iPad by using Apple’s free iPhone Configuration Utility tool – which is aimed at enterprises and organizations rolling out standard apps to many users.

The big downside to this method is that the app will be removed from the iPad as soon as you do a normal iTunes sync. If you can cope with that, then hit the break for step-by-step install instructions, courtesy of iDownloadBlog

How To Install iPhoto on the original iPad:

    • First off, download iPhoto for iOS through iTunes on your computer. You’ll need the file there later, and you obviously cannot download it directly to the iPad.
    • You’ll also need to download Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility tool, which is free. Install it, you’ll be using it shortly.
    • Next, plug your iPad into the computer and sync it with iTunes. Once everything is finished, keep the iPad connected and fire up the iPhone Configuration Utility.
    • Select the “Applications” section in the left hand pane and then click “Add” in the top bar. This will allow us to add the iPhoto app that you downloaded earlier. Find the app, and add it. If you’re a Mac user, then it will be in “Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications.”
    • Now, choose your iPad – again, in the left hand pane – then select the “Applications” tab.
    • Finally, scroll through your apps until you find iPhoto, and then click “Install.” Once done, you’ll find iPhoto on your first generation iPad.

I haven’t tried out this method as I have iPhoto installed on my iPad 2, but it looks very straightforward. Of course if you sync your original iPad on anything like a regular basis then this method is only going to offer a little trial run – enough to show you whether it’s worth the hassle of reinstalling it after each sync.

If you give it a try, let us know what you think of iPhoto on the original iPad. Does it work well?

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One thought on “Instructions Released To Install iPhoto on the Original iPad (But It Won’t Survive a Sync)”

  1. Come on Apple, show a little more respect for those million customers who, like me, bought the first generation iPad and contributed to your success. I’m not sure you would have sold that much second gen ipad if it weren’t of your first customers… And please find another argument than the one saying that iPhoto is not available for first gen iPad because they have no camera… I love Apple products, I enjoy using my iMac, my MacBook Pro and my first gen Ipad, but your marketing approach is a bit of a deception. It’s like Rosetta for Lion, is there a serious reason why you have stopped supporting it… Too bad for iPhoto, I will keep using Snapseed on my original iPad, and keep it for a while and use alternatives…

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