iOS 4.2 Coming to iPad in November–with Mulitasking, Folders & Wireless Printing

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At today’s special Apple event, Steve Jobs announced that iOS 4.2 will be released in November and that it is ‘all about the iPad’.

So the good news is that we now have a better timeframe for when mutlitasking and a major OS update will hit the iPad.  The not so good news is that the timeframe is November.  So much for hoping Fall might mean September.

iOS 4.2 will be a major update though, and as impatient as I am to see it, I know it will be well worth the wait.

Folders for iPad in iOS 4.2

The headline items for the iPad in iOS 4.2 are:

— Multitasking – as we already have on the iPhone.  It works very well in extending the ability to run in the background to 3rd party apps and enabling rapid app switching.  Can’t wait to see it on the iPad.

— Folders – again, it’s already in place on the iPhone (as iOS 4 has already hit that device).  Allows you to group apps into folders and name those folders as you like.  It’s very helpful in arranging your apps an home screens – though also a bit limited for now (e.g. only 12 apps allowed per folder).

— Wireless printing.  This is actually already possible via several 3rd party apps if you have the right type of printer – but hopefully Apple will deliver a more universal and elegant solution.

— AirPlay – this is AirTunes renamed.  It will allow streaming of audio, video, and photos over WiFi.  I don’t feel super excited about this one.  This has also been possible via many 3rd party apps for a long while and I just don’t find I need to do it that often.

It’s also notable that iOS 4.2 release looks like it will be the point at which iOS versions across iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad are unified.

Yeesh, how many days until it’s November?

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13 thoughts on “iOS 4.2 Coming to iPad in November–with Mulitasking, Folders & Wireless Printing”

  1. This sorta pissed me off. NOVEMBER?! Really…. talk about delay, delay, delay. I appreciate the added features, but November is waaaaay too long.

    1. Cant remember where I read it, but I've known for two months (maybe it was at the time of the iOS 4.0 release for iPhone, that Fall meant November for iPad. I've been counting that time frame down all along.

      1. Hmmm – would be interested to see a source on that, because I feel pretty sure Apple has said nothing on this before this week's event – other than just 'this Fall'.

  2. It does keep the iPad feeling a little.. old fashioned.. until then.

    The little we did see looked promising though, so hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

  3. AirPlay looks very good to me. Streaming audio, video and pictures from any iOS device to your Apple TV (and maybe other devices). And you can't do that right with any apps that I know of.

      1. Yeah, I think an Apple TV for $99 will be a nice add-on if you have more than one active iOS 4.2 capable device in your household (and especially if you do take photos and record videos with these devices).

        1. Yup – I have to admit I am feeling very tempted by it. Especially if we find out it is already running, or is capable of running, some version of iOS.

  4. I'm having trouble with Mobile Me as I keep getting my contacts duplicated to my iPad. Instead of updated the contacty, it will either duplicate the number updated or duplicate the eintire contact. As a result, almost every contact has now duplicated.

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