iOS 4.2 Gold Master Released for Developers, Public Release Should Be Coming Very Soon

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Good news for everyone who has been anxiously awaiting iOS 4.2 for the iPad ever since Apple announced it would be made available in November. Last night Apple released the ‘Gold Master’ build of it to developers and encouraged them to begin testing their apps with it.

Gold Master releases are typically just about identical to the final public release, and if Apple follows recent iOS 4.x release timing patterns we should see the public release within just a week or two.

Some of the big things for iPad owners to get excited about in iOS 4.2 are multitasking for 3rd party apps and the Multitasking bar for rapid switching between apps, Folders for organizing apps on home screens, and AirPrint for printing from the iPad. Check out my earlier post on all the big new features in iOS 4.2 here:

I’ve been running the iOS 4.2 betas for weeks now and installed the GM build last night. Just the rapid app-switching alone makes it a tremendous update, throw in  folders and AirPrint and the rest and it’s a must-have. You’ll want to download this as soon as Apple releases it, and hopefully that will not be long at all.

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3 thoughts on “iOS 4.2 Gold Master Released for Developers, Public Release Should Be Coming Very Soon”

  1. Any issues with battery life? I've noticed significant drain on my new iPod Touch, it drains overnight if I don't plug it in or put it into airplane mode.

    I *love* the fact that I can use my iPad heavily every single day and not ever worry about battery life. I just plug it in every 4-5 days and I'm good to go. Much as I want folders to organize my ridiculous number of apps, I don't want to give up the amazing battery life.

    1. My gut feeling so far is that battery life is a little worse, but not drastically so by any means. I haven't done any detailed measuring, but I can tell you that I still easily go 2-3 days or more between charges for my iPad, depending on how heavy my usage is.

      I do think it's a good idea to check your Multitasking Bar on the iPad fairly regularly and not let too many un-needed apps hang around in there.

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