iOS 5 Is Out Now, Ready to Be Installed on Your iPad

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iOS 5 – the much-anticipated latest major update to the iPad and iPhone operating system – has been released by Apple today.

It’s now available to install on your iPad. To update to iOS 5 on your iPad here’s what you need to do:

— Make sure you have iTunes open on your PC.

— Connect your iPad to your PC via its sync cable.

— When you connect the iPad you’ll see a popup letting you know that there is an update available – ‘a new iPad software version (5.0). Click the Cancel button.

— Do a full backup and sync of your iPad with iTunes.

— Disconnect your iPad and then reconnect it. You’ll see the popup again to update to software version 5.0. Click Download and Update and then just follow along with on-screen instructions and status updates.

Update: It looks like iTunes may be forcing a backup as part of the update process for iOS 5, or at least it is on my iPhone 4. I still prefer to have a manual backup and sync before updating, but it looks as is this is now being incorporated into the update process.

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6 thoughts on “iOS 5 Is Out Now, Ready to Be Installed on Your iPad”

  1. I already have iOS 5 installed but don’t have the AirPlay mirroring feature when I double click the home button and swipe to the right. I have an iPad 2 and a 2nd gen Apple TV. I’m in the process of updating the software on Apple TV. Hopefully that works. Do you know if there’s anything else I need to do?

  2. I have IOS 5 and synched my original Ipad via tether to my pc. I also tried synching via wifi because I have 600+ songs on my pc and only 250 synched to my Ipad. Prior to IOS 5, the 600+ were on my Ipad, now I cannot get them back on there no matter what I have tried.
    Any ideas? Thanks

    1. Ouch, that sounds odd and not cool. I dont have any great suggestions – other than the standard stuff. Like turn off music sync, turn it back on.

      Or maybe have you got items purchased on the iPad that you never transferred to iTunes on the PC?

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